Despite everything else, 2020 was a good year for cookbooks from local and national authors, with recipes perfect for home cooking during the pandemic.

I’m late on my annual cookbook and other food- and drink-related books to enjoy for the holidays because I was so busy with letting you know about which restaurants were open for those holidays.

Rachel Forrest

But now that chilly weather has certainly set in in New England, you may be spending more time at home hunkering down and hibernating, cooking and reading more. I know I have been. Here are some cookbooks and food-related books released in 2020 I’ve enjoyed. Find them at your local bookseller and ask them to order you one if they don’t have it. 

Let’s start local

“Shake, Strain, Done: Craft Cocktails at Home” by J.M. Hirsch. (Voracious, Nov. 2020). New Hampshirite Hirsch is the former national food editor for The Associated Press and is now editorial director at Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street. I learned so much from this book including how to improvise recipes and that just 6 to 10 grains of Kosher salt enhances flavor. The recipes are simple and the ingredients easy to find. Find your next cocktail by characteristics (warm, herbal, creamy) and find easy variations on classics. 

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